I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist and will be happy to work with you and your dog to “TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR SUCCESS”!

I chose a hands-on approach to Dog Training education that gave me the opportunity to be taught by an internationally recognized School for Professional Dog Trainers. Starmark Academy provided an in-depth curriculum that included both classroom instruction and practical application of techniques and theory which allows for a more Balanced Training experience.

I am a retired US Army veteran. I proudly served for 22 years. Once retired, I earned a Bachelors of Science degree, but chose to follow my love for dogs and pursue dog training as a profession. I attended Starmark Dog Training Academy, where I had the privilege of training hand-on with 3 dogs. Two dogs were rescues that were provided by the Academy, and the 3rd was my personal rescue that I adopted just 1 month prior to attending Starmark Academy.


Initial consultation – starting at $25 – Required for all training. We will discuss your training needs and develop an individualized training plan for you and your dog to achieve your training goals.

1 Hour Private Lesson – $75 – This option is generally used as an addition to a regular training package. It may also be used to address a specific issue such as counter-surfing or brush up on an obedience task. If you are looking for a basic obedience training package, I recommend the package of six.

Puppy Package (6 Private lessons) – $450 – INITIAL CONSULTATION REQUIRED.  These lessons are conducted at the training facility once per week for 6 consecutive weeks. Each lesson lasts approximately ( 1 ) hour. This package  teaches you to train your dog in the comfort of your home. Great if you prefer one-on-one training.

Multiple Obedience Pkgs – Prices vary – Let your dog stay with me and my dogs! The duration of his or her stay depends on which package you choose. During the stay, your pup will be incorporated into our home as if he/she is a part of our own pack. As your dog learns,  her to a new way Obedience tasks to your dog, then follow it up with FOUR Private Lessons to learn how to effectively communicate with your pup! Initial consultation required.

  • TIER 1   –  1 Week + 4 Private Lessons
  • TIER 2 – 2 Weeks + 4 Private Lessons
  • TIER 3 – 3 Weeks + 4 Private Lessons
  • additional pkgs available tailored to your specific goals

Each package comes with technical assistance via Email, phone call, or text, as well as videos posted on my Facebook page to keep you update on what your pup is learning. This is also a great reference to use when you get home!

Basic / Intermediate / Adv. Obedience – Each of the following tasks’ difficulty level increases with each obedience classification.  These are taught in packages of six.

  • Name recognition
  • Sit-stay
  • Down-stay
  • Place (send to)
  • Recall w/sit
  • Loose leash heel with automatic sit
  • Door manners

Behavior Modification – I recommend basic obedience lessons as we work on behavior modification. Depending on the behavior exhibited, a tailored training package may be designed to meet your needs.

Canine Good Citizen Training – All Intermediate Obedience commands are the basis of this training.

Tricks – I always recommend the firm foundation and basic obedience!

Service Dog Information –

For information about Service Dogs, please visit:

Human Resources Code Section 121.006(a)