I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist and will be happy to work with you and your dog to “TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR SUCCESS”!

I chose a hands-on approach to Dog Training education that gave me the opportunity to be taught by an internationally recognized School for Professional Dog Trainers. My time at the academy provided an in-depth curriculum that included both classroom instruction and practical application of techniques and theory which allows for a more Balanced Training experience.

About me: I am a retired US Army veteran. I proudly served for 22 years. Once retired, I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree, but chose to follow my love for dogs and pursue Dog Training as a profession. I attended Starmark Dog Training Academy, where I had the privilege of training hand-on with 3 dogs. Two dogs were rescues that were provided by the Academy, and the 3rd was my personal rescue that I adopted just 1 month prior to attending the Academy.