Initial Consult

1 hour and up • Starting at $25

Required for all training. Call to schedule an appoint and discuss initial concerns. We will discuss your training needs in order to develop an individualized trainig plan for you and your dog.

Tier Program

Duration varies • Price varies

Each program is customized to meet your training goals. Behavior modifications can be addressed as well, depending on the assessment. Programs come with FREE training equipment, written instruction, technical support, and 3 additional Private Lessons. All Tier programs are designed in two Phases. Phase 1: Board in my home with my dogs, at which time I teach your dog the tasks necessary to meet your goals. Phase 2: I teach you what your dog has learned, as well as training concepts for continued success. This is the time that your dog will begin understanding how to take instruction from you.

1 Hour Private Lesson

1 hour • Price Varies

Is there a specific unwanted behavior? Need a “brush up” on a specific task? Want to add an additional Private Lesson to your Obedience Package?

Puppy Package (Private lessons)

Duration varies • Price Varies

Must have full set of shots. Consultation required. Bond with your pup while building your dog’s confidence, and learn new communication skills! Introduce the leash, play engagement games, learn structure, and more!

Home manners

Duration varies • Price varies

Does your dog go crazy or need to be kenneled when visitors come over? Wish your dog would not beg at the table? I recommend a firm foundation in Obedience foundation. My Tier package addresses some of the general Home Manners during daily activities.

Behavior Modification

Duration varies • Price varies

If your dog is exhibiting unwanted behavior such as Resource Guarding, Aggression, Digging, Unwanted chewing, jumping on visitors, etc., a Tier Program could address SOME of these issues. Other behaviors may require more intensive training.


1 hour and up • $

I always recommend the firm foundation and basic obedience! This can be accomplished by building a specific package to address your training goals. Retrieve, Hand touch, Paw, Spin/turn, Wave, Rollover, AND MANY MORE