Ryan Allyn Sewell reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws5 star

Mike was great! He was so helpful in training my dog, Miller. From the beginning Miller was always distracted and hyper and never sat when prompted. At the end of our 6 week training Miller mastered everything! Mike broke down the training so that it was easy to learn and very implementable at home during the week. We loved LLHP and would easily recommend to friends.

Yolanda Eddings reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Mike has taught me the proper techniques to train me to train my dog. Max knew a few basic commands already but with Mike’s training has mastered the correct way of each command. For instance the command “down”. While I was walking Max to check my mail, I told him down and I dropped his leash to the ground. I continued to my mailbox and had a handful of mail but Max stayed in the down position until I came back to him to retrieve his leash! I wanted to test him and he passed.

Thank you Mike and LLHP!

Dianne Wooley Hood reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Amazing work with my very strong willed bully bread Jethro. Very professional and answered every question. Highly recommend.

Kevin Keener reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Not only has Mike helped me on what to do to help my 7 month old Dane but help me on how to effectively train her so i can also instill same mannerisms to my 4 yr old Labradane Daisy. Super impressed, we will definitely use him for her next level soon. And for future fur babies we have.

h my very strong willed bully bread Jethro. Very professional and answered every question. Highly recommend.

Rebekah Tatum reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Mike is an excellent dog trainer! My husband and I feel very equipped to continue training our lab at home after our sessions with Mike. Thank you, Mike!

Christine Maag Gruber reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Sophie and I had a great time learning all the basic commands from Mike and Dillion. Mike has been very accommodating to my busy schedule. He can now boost that he has taught an old dog (me) new tricks! Thank you Mike & Dillion

Brittany Thornton reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Mike is friendly and knowledgeable. Our dogs are learning so much and we can already see a difference in just three sessions. We enjoyed the private lessons for two of our four dogs so much that we’ll be doing board and train with our other two for the greatest benefit all around. Excellent quality with very reasonable price!

Justin Larsen reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Mike is a very knowledgeable trainer and His passion for his craft shows. Would recommend!!!

Brey Bailey reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

Mike is an amazing trainer who has accomplished some seriously amazing things in his industry! He tackles challenges head on and comes to the table with a superior knowledge of canine behavior. I would absolutely recommend him for any of your training needs!

Travis Longmore reviewed Loose Leash Happy Paws — 5 star

I had the privilege to work Mike and I was impressed. The work and dedication Mike puts into a dog is phenomenal. Anyone that looks into Mike as a trainer will absolutely be in good hands. You cant go wrong with mike.